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About Arlington Liber Academy

Arlington Liber Academy is a community-created school that provides weekly, supplemental classes with a liberal arts focus where students are mentored by their peers' parents and have stewardship over what they learn through mentored projects (mentors are second witnesses to what the parents are teaching). It is an agency-based educational environment where students are invited to own their education and choose to learn rather than feel forced or compelled to do so. It is founded on the philosophy and principles of Leadership Education or Freedom Education as outlined in the books, A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille and Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning by Oliver and Rachel DeMille.

Leadership Education presupposes:
  • Each individual has a unique & important mission and consists of discovering, preparing for and fulfilling this mission.
  • Each individual is a genius-Literally! The ultimate goal is the development of the inherent genius inside each student.
  • It is for everyone- not just for a few elite.
  • It is agency-based--not compulsory. It uses freedom and choice where mentors inspire, invite and draw forth the amazing potential and abilities of each student.*
Leadership Education uses the principles of the Seven Keys of Great Teaching:
  1. Classics in all subject areas
  2. Mentors who guide rather than dictate
  3. Inspired learning rather than forced
  4. Structured Time rather than content objectives
  5. Quality in what and how students learn
  6. Simplicity rather than complex, contrived systems of learning
  7. Life-long learning for students and mentors
Leadership Education follows four phases of learning:
  • Core Phase
  • Love of Learning Phase
  • Scholar Phase
  • Depth Phase
Resources for further reading: