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Scholar School

Scholar phase is the natural transition that occurs in students, ages approximately 12 to 14, who have had a strong Core and Love of Learning phase. During the scholar phase a student begins to think more abstractly and transitions from needing strong guidance into a self-directed learner. This is accomplished through reading of classics in all different academic areas, in-depth discussion and writing about what they have learned, and mentored projects.

Arlington Liber Academy's Scholar classes are offered based on four phases:
  • Transition Scholar - approximately age 12-13 - This phase is characterized by a student who will move in and out of Scholar phase. A transition scholar will go back to Love of Learning for hours and sometimes days at a time. They usually need lots of movement and hands on activitites.

  • Practice Scholar - approximately age 12-14 - This phase occurs after fully transitioning out of Love of Learning. A student in this phase will want to move less and discuss more. A practice scholar is willing to work independently for short periods of time. They may also prefer to approach more than one subjects at a time.

  • Apprentice Scholar - approximately age 13-15 - This is the phase where a student begins to see the value in collaborating with a mentor. They are willing to work independently for much of their day. They are ready to begin preparation to discover their personal mission and can appreciate the hard work involved in their education.

  • Self-Directed Scholar - approximately age 14-17 - In this phase a student is willing to devote many hours to study. They will seek out mentors to help them pursue their educational goals and personal missions.

Classes offered for the 2019-2020 school year include:

Morning Session (9:00-11:00 am)

Exploring Literature is Fun (ELF): (Enrollment maximum: 10)
This is a project-based exploration of different genres of literature. The students will read 2 books a month and participate in hands-on activities, skits, creative writing, and games to foster a love of literature in a fun, encouraging environment. Students will also cover some fundamentals of writing to help improve their writing skills.

Transition Scholar
Mentors - Tina Harrel (Looking for another adult to help in this class)

History of Science: (Enrollment maximum: 10)
Science and history, together at last! This will be a fascinating exploration of the history of scientific discovery. Starting with ancient civilizations and working our way to the present, we'll learn about physics, chemistry and math developments and how they intersect with history. How did the ancients develop a calendar? How did scientific discoveries spur on the Renaissance? Why is Einstein so famous? These are the kinds of questions we'll be answering. Come prepared to read, write, discuss, and experiment.

Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentors - April Sellers

World History: Art, Music & Storytelling (W.H.A.M.S): (Enrollment maximum: 12)
How did art, music, and storytelling affect and shape the world we now live in? In this class we will not only learn about different historical eras, but we will also experience them through both fine and performing arts. After all culture shapes current events and current events shape culture; looking back on those events is what we call history. We will read a book related to and write about each time period; as well as do one presentation per semester.

Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentor - Angie Waite & Juliet Blosser

Club: 11am-noon **You may choose to be in club as few or as many months as you desire.** Suggested age 12 and up. Each month there will be one to two different clubs offered during this time. Some examples might be: Gardening, budgeting, or dance. Students can provide input as to their interests. Study Hall: a "quiet" room will be designated where scholars may study.

Afternoon Session (1:00-3:00 pm)

Musical Theater: (Enrollment maximum: 25)
Get ready to sing, dance, and act your heart out as we develop the talents and skills to present a musical theater production. People have been telling their stories through song and dance since ancient times, and we will be following in their tradition. We will work on skills such as reading music, vocal technique, acting and expression, and learning choreography. We will have lots of opportunities to perform and hone our skills in class, and then put it all together to present a musical production!

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentors - Juliet Blosser, Kylee Compton, Tara Norris and April Sellers

S.T.E.M. Challenge Class: (Enrollment maximum: 10)
This is a very hands-on STEM project-based class. The students will participate in various challenges that require their creative thinking hats. They will cover challenge topics such as: bridge building, wind power, Rube Goldberg machines, electricity, trebuchets, rockets, motors, etc. We will learn about the scientific principles that are related to these topics.

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentors - Tina Harrel (Looking for another adult to help in this class)

Game SchoolingTeam Speech: (Enrollment maximum: 8)
A creative class that will allow scholars to improve their speaking skills and allow them to be a team player through simulations and interactions with each other. They will be guided by the mentor, essentially teaching each other by sharing their personal views and insights. The fellowship and experiences they will gain will benefit them in many aspects of their lives.

Transition Scholar / Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentor - Lisa Justice