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Scholar School

Scholar phase is the natural transition that occurs in students, ages approximately 12 to 14, who have had a strong Core and Love of Learning phase. During the scholar phase a student begins to think more abstractly and transitions from needing strong guidance into a self-directed learner. This is accomplished through reading of classics in all different academic areas, in-depth discussion and writing about what they have learned, and mentored projects.

Arlington Liber Academy's Scholar classes are offered based on three phases:
  • Practice Scholar - approximately age 12-14 - This phase is characterized by a student who will move in and out of Scholar phase. A practice scholar will transition back to Love of Learning for hours and sometimes days at a time. They may prefer to approach different subjects from different phases.

  • Apprentice Scholar - approximately age 13-15 - This is the phase where a student begins to see the value in collaborating with a mentor. They are willing to work independently for much of their day. They are ready to begin preparation to discover their personal mission and can appreciate the hard work involved in their education.

  • Self-Directed Scholar - approximately age 14-17 - In this phase a student is willing to devote many hours to study. They will seek out mentors to help them pursue their educational goals and personal missions.

Classes offered for the 2018-2019 school year include:

Morning Session (9:00-11:00 am)

Fantasy Literature and World Building: (Enrollment maximum: 10)
Join us as we read books that will transport us to new worlds filled with strange cultures, unusual languages, and fantastical adventures. By reading, discussing, writing, and watching different works of the fantasy genre we will be able to make connections and look at the world around us with a different perspective. After all, "(Reading) a good fantasy (book) may be a better use of time than listening to a bad lecture." -- Muriel James

*Examples of the books we will be reading: Princess Bride, Way of Kings, and The Ruins of Gorlan*

Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar
Mentors - Angie Waite and Thomas Waite

Georgics: (Enrollment maximum: 10)
Think of Georgics as "civilization builders". In the simplest terms, it is the connection between food and freedom. Through literature, hands on projects, simulations, and field experiences, students will learn the meaning of a Georgics lifestyle including hard work, creation, ownership, entrepreneurialism, and working the land. Books may include: Little Britches, Caddie Woodlawn, Alas Babylon, and others.

Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentors - Trenna Kelley, Kate Rongey

Worldviews: (Enrollment maximum: 10)
This class is an anthropological survey of six different worldviews: Secular Humanism, Marxism/Leninism, Cosmic Humanism, Postmodernism, Islam, and Biblical Christianity. We will read books, study news articles and current events, participate in simulations, and discuss issues in depth. Writing papers will be a key component. This class will help students better understand the world around them, find common ground with people of differing beliefs, and assist in increasing their ability to make an effective impact on the world. We will approach each worldview with an observational lens without judgment and see how poeple's beliefs impact theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, psychology, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history. This class will help students more clearly define their own worldview.

Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentor - Tina Harrell

Club: 11am-noon **You may choose to be in club as few or as many months as you desire.** Suggested age 12 and up. Each month there will be one to two different clubs offered during this time. Some examples might be: Gardening, budgeting, or dance. Students can provide input as to their interests. Study Hall: a "quiet" room will be designated where scholars may study.

Afternoon Session (1:00-3:00 pm)

The Shakespearean Experience: (Enrollment maximum: 15)
Join us for an all-new way of looking at Shakespeare's plays. In the first semester we will study three comedies, in their original format as well as their modern-day counterparts. We will also share our thoughts through discussions and a few writing assignments - all the while having a blast. In the Spring semester, the class will have the opportunity to delve deep into a Shakespearean tragedy and improve their acting skills through the production of that play.

Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentors - Angie Waite and Thomas Waite

Mediums: (Enrollment maximum: 12)
We each have our own unique ways of expressing the creativity within us, explored or not. In this class we will tap into our artistic abilities and learn new and creative ways to express them through the use of four different mediums, two in each semester. Our focus will be on fun, discovery, and freedom of imagination! Any scholar ready to work independently, be respectful, and participate in all class activities is more than welcome to join us.

**Additional supplies may need to be purchased outside of class.** The cost of additional supplies may range from $20-$90 depending on the quality of supplies and level of investment the parent/student are willing to make.

Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentors - Angie Waite and Thomas Waite

Game Schooling: (Enrollment maximum: 8, minimum: 4)
Learning through Games! We are excited to have some fun as we focus on Unit studies using games with different topics throughout the year. We will incorporate topics such as math, science, literature, economics, etc., with books, movies and games. We will end our unit studies with a student-led book or movie discussion and debrief on the unit.

Practice Scholar / Apprentice Scholar / Self-Directed Scholar
Mentors - Katrina Reay and Carla Grena